Let’s Talk About Me

I have posted a few blogs now and yet I have not yet introduced myself to you. So please bear with me a little and let me take the floor to tell you something about myself.

My Rean, second among three siblings, a middle child and I just turned 32 this November. I lived in the Philippines my entire 32 years and have not yet traveled out of the country, although I am looking forward to it soon, hopefully before I reach 50 or earlier if things go well in the coming years.

Anyways, I’m your typical girl next door who loves to stay home and read. I prefer to be in a relax and cozy environment where i can be just myself and not be mindful of my actions. A place where I won’t worry about what others say or do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really let others get the best of me, but sometimes the outside world is too chaotic and messy to deal with. I am not a cave woman, I do have friends, a few,but they are loyal and trust worthy (At this age it’s important to keep people who are important and you know will always be there for you no matter what.) Like I said I prefer solitude, i don’t like chaos, the traffic, the noise and too much drama. I tend to get rattled, confuse and irritated if a lot of things is happening and I can’t keep up.

Reading books and novels are one of my past time. I like to read those idealistic and inspirational books since they get me motivated, wishful and hopeful. I also like to read and watch animation. Those Japanese anime’s, manga’s since they have a lot of humor and they are very light and entertaining. I can watch and read them in one sitting or even spend the week just watching them. For Now, my favorite Japanese anime’s would be One Piece, Naruto and One-Punch man. Each anime tells a story of a man who has a dream and did everything can to be that dream. They are very inspiring and makes me want to dream more and dream big and be the best I can in whatever I do.

I have a lot things i don’t like and things that I can’t do. Like for instance, I am afraid of dogs. I don’t the like the way they bark at you. I even get scared of a small puppies, geez. But I just found out recently that they are not that scary. I went to my parents home a few weeks ago and I don’t like going there since they have huge dogs for pets. So I went with my partner and he taught me how to be friends with them ( my partner loves dogs, but since I’m scared of them we didn’t get one). I surprised myself that I can actually go near them and pet them. They are not really that scary at all. I find them very smart and friendly. I realized that dogs gets wary and barks at you when you’re jittery with them, they are very sensitive animals.

So now I realized that there are things that I can still do and things that I can still change because everything changes. What you like now, and afraid of now , doesn’t mean will scare you your entire life. As long as you’ll be confident and have an open mind to change everything is possible.



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