The Best Rockstar VA is Me

Why? Because I am a Rock Star. And when you say a rock star we perform our best on stage. I give not only my 100% but my 200% on every performance that I make and it goes higher every time I  play.

I know that my resilience, perseverance, eagerness to learn and particular to details will let me excel in whatever I do. I am a type of person who can work with minimum supervision, can adapt to different situations, has great work ethics and  can work well under pressure.

Now let me give you a brief history on my work experiences. I had worked as a data and service manager for a back office account and handled two line of business and worked as technical support representative.

  • I was assigned as an Order  Provisioning Manager on my first year with the company and was assigned as a Client Support Specialist when it pioneered  in our account. My task for both position was to manage projects for business clients and their companies who requires phone and data service. I manage the provisioning of the service from start until its completion. Now as a project manager, doesn’t mean that i just have to check if the project is complete.
  1. I first evaluate if the order is feasible and the serviceable. I work with the sales team to complete all the requirements and legal  documentation.
  2. I then conduct a conference with the client, their technician and our sales team and technical team, to validate all the information that was provided and our technical team can work on their equipment.
  3. Once everything has been confirmed, I send orders to build the project in the system and coordinate with other team who will work on the project and appoint a technician to install and activate the service.
  4. During the installation, I ensure that I am present and available as our technicians coordinate with theirs. If in case something occurred i can then reach out to any of our team who can work on the fix either remotely or physically.
  5. My work as a project manager doesn’t end there, I still keep in touch with the client to check that everything is in working condition and give updates and reference to other team.
  • I have also worked in a BPO industry as a technical support representative where I provide technical assistance to customers who has issues with their internet connection and computers. While working as a Technical Support I have gained technical knowledge and allowed me discover the great possibilities of technology and new innovations.

Working as a Project manager and a technical support helped me to be organized and efficient. It tested my capabilities and allowed me to grow and progress as a person. I’ve learned to communicate, interact and work well with others. I have also learned to be patient and work with difficult clients. I’ve found new knowledge and insights gave me more opportunities to test my new found skills. I have learned not only to deliver a project on time but to provide an excellent job in everything i do and exceed everyone’s expectations. Now bringing all of this with me, I know that I can also provide excellent and impeccable job as Virtual Assistant.



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