6 Things to Know About Home Inspections

Well, you bought your new home. Hurrah! But wait, before moving in, repairs must be done to your new home. Go and call the repair man to fix the house that should do the trick. Not quite. Before hiring a professional repairman you have to hire an inspector to conduct a thorough home inspection to know what things need repairs and replacements. Below are the things that you have to know when hiring a home inspector.

  1. Buyers are Responsible for Home Inspection Fees

Before you order a home inspection, if you are the buyer you must know that it is your responsibility for all the inspection cost. So do a research on who is the best home inspection company in the area. Make sure to a lot ample time to search for the best inspector available in town. It would be a hassle for all parties if you do a last minute request for home inspection and it is costly.

Inquire what the best package and service available and setup a budget is for the service fee. Remember the having the correct home inspection will benefit you at the end.

  1. Hire A Certified Inspector

Make sure that you hire the right person for the job. Home Inspectors are trained and certified to do home inspections and assessment of your home. Do not just let anyone unlicensed to do the inspection, they are not trained nor do they have the proper equipment with them. Don’t just hire a contractor just because he knows something or two about repairs to save cost. Else you would have to hire an inspector to do the job right and double your cost. Hire a Professional, seek out assistance from Realtor or the agent – they are well connected and know the right person for the job.


  1. Inspection Should Be Complete and Thorough

kitchen-728727_640If you order a home inspection demand that they do a thorough job and ensure that the inspector had examine everything and every corner of your house. This applies to the type of inspection package and service that you have ordered. Check the contract, package and services that you had ordered and make sure that they follow it through until to the last detail. They need to provide a complete assessment of the heating, the ventilation, the interior and exterior of your property, the foundation and roofing of the house, up to the plumbing, electrical systems/wiring and among other things that is included in the package and provide a full detailed report.

Inspection cost can be expensive depending on the package and service that you have ordered, however they cover most of the important items during a home inspection, so make sure that they provide a detailed report on what they had checked and what they didn’t check.

  1. Inspectors Makes Mistakes

Some Inspectors makes mistakes and would miss a spot. If that happens demand that they pay for the cost of the repairs for the missed item, especially if it’s stipulated in the contract and package that you have ordered. A missed spot or a wrong inspection report can cause an accident and even your life. For instance you got poisoned and found out that it was caused by a gas leak or a chemical leak that was missed during the inspection. It can cause you your health. Like you had an accident because of a falling debris, which was missed during the inspection. That’s why it is very important that the inspectors provide you a detailed report of what they did and checked so they can be held reliable in case something happens.

  1. There are Things Home Inspection Doesn’t Cover

garden-shed-1054624_640Check the contract and services that home inspections cover. Read the fine print and do research and ask the vendors or the home inspection themselves what they don’t cover. In that way you would know when you need to hire a professional on that field. Research so that you won’t be aggravated when the inspector say that they don’t do that or inspect that. It will not only cause you your valuable time but your money as well.

To give a few insights, here are some items that home inspection doesn’t cover

The Inside of your walls

Septic Tanks

Exterior Structures such as wells, sheds structures that are separated from the house

Doing Research bore ordering for a home inspection will help prepare you to find other route and hire the correct person for this.


  1. Inspection Repairs are Negotiableapartment-87805_640

Negotiate and discuss with your agent on how to pay for the cost of the repairs. Your agent can come up with an offer and negotiate with the seller or the sellers’ agent.









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