The Pros and Cons of Home Owners Association

Buying a Condominium Unit? Remember that condominiums and Houses in a community has their own rules and regulations. But what are the benefits of having this association and how will it affect you? Here are the list of things to remember

The PROS of HOA:

  1. HOA are there to implement rules and regulations. They are there to protect you and give you a right to live in peaceful and enjoyable life a community. They provide order and maintain it.

HOA will provide rules and guide to accommodate everyone in the community. There are home owners who don’t like loud music or pets or kids playing in the roadside or driveway. In order to maintain a peaceful environment home owners has setup rules for the whole community to abide and follow-through.


  1. They can mediate on disputes between neighbors or small establishments. They will provide necessary actions to provide a peaceful environment for everyone.argument-238529_640

When a neighbor filed a complaint against their neighbor, the HOA will be there to fix the dispute among the members of their community. They will conduct an investigation to find the reason of the dispute and formulate the sanction to be given to the one at fault. They would manage the negotiation between two parties to avoid more conflict and prevent either member to be at disadvantage.


  1. HOA covers the amenities such as a swimming pool, a town hall, a covered basketball courts, tennis lawns, security and maintenance. Having a 24/7 security provides you safety and protection and in case of an emergency will be the first respondent to arrive. Pools areas, covered courts and town halls will provide recreational areas to hold events and gathering each the whole community. Maintenance are there to keep the whole community clean. All of this is for your enjoyment and relaxation.


  1. They sponsor community events. They provide funding for every event that occurs within the community. The held events to have everyone participate and provide an opportunity to everyone to know each member living in the community.


The CONS of HOA:

  1. It is mandatory. Once you signed the contract to stay or live in a property under HOA, You have to abide with the rules and regulations set by the member of boards and association of the community.


  1. There are a Lot of Restrictions

no-39409_1280A lot of Restrictions comes with staying in a community governed by HOA. Some HOA does not allow pets or allow parking of vehicles on the curb or near the driveway. If you have a car you are required to have a Parking space or a garage. And sometimes there are specific carriers that they only allowed in the community.


  1. Has requirement you have to meet – such as the color of your curtains. Paint of your house or unit and they don’t allow loud music.


  1. Theirs are monthly dues and you can be sanctioned for not paying on time.


  1. Every rules that has been broken will give you a warning or a sanction



Credits and Source:  — “Thank You”–

Homeowners associations: Good or bad? Trulia

Photos: Pixabay







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