7 Tips When Selling Your Own Home

Before plunging in and selling your property, be prepared and know what you have to do to make your sale appealing and alluring to potential clients. Below are 7 tips that will guide you through this process.

  1. Make Your Home Look Appealing and Marketable


Most Home Owners would sell their homes without doing repairs or renovations to cut on expenses. However, this also can cause a bad review during showings and buyers not considering purchasing the property. Spending a little to make your home appealing and free of cracks and dirt would bring more value to your home and more money. People would want to purchase a place where they don’t need to do a lot of repairs and would rather see a clean and habitable place to stay. So invest a little to gain more.

  1. Price

Know the value of your home. When selling a property, hire a professional to oversee the appraisal of your home. Knowing your home’s exact value can avoid overpricing the property or losing money. These professionals do a comparative market analysis to estimate the value of your home and compare it to other houses in the market. They will examine every nook and cranny of your home to establish its current value, estimate how much the cost of repairs, specify anything that can affect the price of your property – and how much it will affect its value in today’s market.

priceHowever, if you’re saving and don’t want to
spend more. There’s a less costly step to appraise your home. Do your own research, check the price of others homes in the market. Look for similarities, research and identify if the price your setting is within range. Consider the location, repairs that the property has to undergo, and the amount that will be spent for repairs. Consider all of these and study–in that way you can avoid overpricing your property or loose from money from a wrong appraisal.

  1. Marketing

social media

Market your Property Strategically. Place your ad online. Put it up on common FSBO sites or put it up on the MLS (multiple listing services) Post it on your Facebook, Twitter, your Instagram accounts, etc. Utilize your social media accounts – a few dollars won’t hurt much. Let the right people see your ad. Most buyer’s search the MLS or online for properties being sold in the market. It’s easier for them since almost all the information about your property is listed and has photos of it. Professionals are also available to accommodate you and coordinate with other parties. Create fliers, distribute it in your community, put it up on the paper. Be descriptive, add photos or videos to your ad. Don’t forget to include your contact information for people and possible buyers to reach you.

  1. Ads: Designs, Pictures, and Videos

When setting up an ad there are rules you should follow to make it more genuine and appealing


  • Post photos/videos of the current state of your property. Take a shot of every corner or room of your house (ensure that it’s clean before you take them). Do not post old pictures of your home/property as it gives off a false advertising feel. Buyers would walk away if they see your home way off their expectations. Set the right expectations and be honest.
  • Include the price so that to filter out buyers who can afford the property
  • Use strong and appealing words when describing the property. Include benefits of the property for the buyers
  • Do not forget to place your contact information and your website so that buyers would know where to look for you.
  1. Arrange a Property Inspection


Have your property inspected before anything else. These will allow you to set your buyers expectations. Buyers appreciate it more if you are transparent to them when advertising your home. It’s easier to set up a price when both parties know how much they would have to fish out for repair cost and lures potential clients.

  1. Make yourself Available

help-1050855_1280When putting up an ad, include when and the time clients can reach you. Not answering phone calls or questions could lose you your potential buyers. People ask questions because they are interested in your property not answering them immediately would indicate that your property is no longer available or that you’re too busy to accommodate them thus causing you to lose potential buyers. Be prompt and accommodate your customers accordingly.

  1. Know all the Real Estate Legal Terms and Matters


It’s best to know what you are doing. Do a research ask for help and advice from professionals, seek assistance Not knowing the legality of the real estate business could put you in an awkward situation. Do not promise any financing if you are not up for it. Know your rights so that people won’t take advantage of you. Understanding the legal matters would be beneficial for both you and your client.

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