Why is San Diego the Best Place to Live?

San Diego known as the eight largest city in America and the the birth place of California. Famous for its natural deep water harbors, broad beaches, mild year round climate and association with the US Navy. People want to go here, People wants to live here and here’s why.


  1. Biking in Carlsbad

One of the safest bike zone in the US and rooted with a deep Spanish history. It also offers a whole bicycle-rider-1107345_1280stretch of seaside and nature parks. The community is promoting safe cycling and healthy living. With wide buffered bike lanes and walkways to offer, the people of Carlsbad could walk or bike freely without worrying for road safety. Recreational activities that builds camaraderie and long lasting friendship are available not only for the kids, young adults but for the whole family. Not only will you achieve a harmonious relationship, you’ll learn history and also live a healthy life.



  1. Food District in South Park

Hungry for Knowledge and Food? Well no worries because South Park offers a lot of community events, cafes and restaurants. This neighborhood may be small but it doesn’t comes second when it comes to satisfying your palate and learning history. From Vegan restaurants that serves beer and cocktails to coffees straight out of Paris and mouth watering Pizza’s. This community has a wide variety of food and diners that you could feast upon.

A variety of Spanish colonial Revival structures and homes can be seen on every corner of the streets and will definitely take you back in time. The community always held events and showcase each individuals skills from food to business.


  1. Stroll in La Mesa

La Mesa, San Diego California known as the “Jewel of the Hills”due to it’s rich culture and devoted community. La Mesa a Spanish term for the table. hot-19233_1280Famous for its urban parks and mountain tops. A destination for nature lovers out there. Climb mountains or stroll the parks will give you a great view of the starlit skies. The community likes to held events such as Oktoberfest, Sundays at six where free concerts are held for 6 days and their annual ’50s Car show where car enthusiast showcase their classic automobiles. So if you are into nature and classics, this is the best place for you.


  1. Go Horseback Riding in San Marcos

Horses, a diverse community and great restaurants is what this community all about. horse-176990_1280Several Golf course and abundant parks are one of this communities main attractions. Go horseback riding or just stroll down the walkways or parks one way to spend your day here. The place offers mouthwatering cuisines from scattered restaurants in the area. Education is also a priority in this community with multiple schools to choose from. This will be a great place to raise your kids, a peaceful and horse loving community.


  1. Swim in Imperial Beach

san diegoFor surfers and beach lovers this is the best place for you. From high tide to low tide this community the offers Imperial Beach with amazing sunset views, Eco-friendly neighbors and vast waters. Take a dip, surf the waves, camp out are a few activities available at your disposal. A community of people who practices Eco-friendly activities. This neighborhood will be a great place to raise awareness to your kids.



Credits and Source: — ” Thank You” —

The Best Places to Live in San Diego

San Diego ; Carlsbad San Diego; La Mesa San Diego (California) ; South Park San Diego; Imperial Beach, California – Wikipedia

Photos: Pixabay



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