How to Get the Best Experience in Buying and Selling

As a buyer and a seller, we often look for the best offer and deal there is. The moment we come upon this, it’s like a light bulb lights up on our heads and makes us say hallelujah! However, when we encounter offers and deals that does not come well with us we often refuse and disregard them. Sometimes we would have a bad experience that would make us think twice on entering a new deal. But no worries because here are pointers that will help you and your client get the best deal experience there is.


  1. Avoid being Pushy ( Agents)

question-mark-96288_1280As an Agent it’s good that knowing the value of a home and we would want to offer it for what its’ worth. However for a Buyer, before they even look for an agent and a property they already have an idea on what they want and how they want things done. By forcing an offer which is not to their liking could compromise the deal and would taste sour to the buyers. Instead of closing the deal the tendency of losing it is not impossible.

 So listen to the customer/buyer, understand their capabilities both financially, their knowledge about the market and learn what offer would best suit them. If you find that having a good deal and transaction will be smooth and hassle free. The customer would remember that they got a good deal and can even recommend you to other buyers.


  1. Honesty

Buyers who are determined to buy a property would dedicate themselves in finding the right one, would painstakingly go thru the process and even help out to make the transaction a success. Pouring everything they have just to purchase and avail of the property. However, being dishonest with them about the transaction and the value of the property could ruin that. It could aggravate the buyer and will lose their trust in you. You as an agent know more about the property and the process more than anything. As agent it is an etiquette to be truthful upfront than sugar coating things just for the sake of a commission or sale. Being Honest would not only lead the buyer to the right choice but could also broaden their business relationship with you in the future.



  1. Be Attentive (Agent)

font-373711_1280The client (could be a buyer or seller) hired you to get assistant so do your job well. Your Role is to be there for them, to provide answers when needed, provide honest opinion and feedback, notify them of any schedules and the progress of the transaction. The Client expect to have smooth and hassle free transaction. If they are lost at some point you should guide them to the nest step they have to take. If the client’s financial status can cover for the property and expenses, recommend other property that is within their budget and to their taste. Notify them of the progress. The Client would want to know what’s going on with the transaction.




Credits and Source: — Thank You –

Real Estate Has Sprung: Your Ideal Buying & Selling Experience – MICHELLE WASSERLAUF

Pixabay – Photos


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