Staging Tips to Sell Homes Top Dollar

Before you sell that property for an average amount, its best stage it to get more value and buyers fast and easy. Below are some tips to help you figure how to stage your home for a top dollar. But what is home staging and why it is so important? According to Wikipedia, Home staging is preparing a property to make it more appealing in the market to get a great number of potential buyers, selling it quickly and thus getting more money.


  1. Hire an Agent Willing to Pay for Staging

Agents are there to assist and guide during a Real Estate transaction. They advise you on what do you, provide recommendation and assist you with the documentation process. But do not hire them immediately, ask them on what are their responsibilities and what they can contribute for this transaction. If they are willing to make this sale work and the benefits you’ll get from them. Once you found an agent who is willing to pay for the staging then that’s the time you hire them. Agents would sometimes offers this as a bonus because they wanted to make the property appealing to buyers. This will allow you to beautify your home and save money.


  1. Take out the Trash and Clutter

chaos-227971_1280No one would want to view or buy a cluttered space or home. If the furniture takes up too much space, get rid of it or replace it with sometime appealing and useful. Clutter only adds to expenses and doesn’t really look well during home viewing. Make your home spacious and appealing.


  1. Remove Personal Items

If you are selling your home, keep the place free of personal belongings or traces of your life. Make it welcoming. If potential buyers sees your personal items it affects their imagination of how their new home would look like. They would feel intruding to your personal space and invading your privacy. We don’t want to make our potential buyers’ feel awkward do we?


  1. Paint the Walls in Warm Neutral Colors

renovation-883585_640Potential Buyers wants to feast their eyes on clean and spacious place. By painting your walls with the right tone, it could give them an idea that there’s more space and the place inviting. This will also allow them to see the color they would want their new homes be. Warm neutral colors can allow you to place an accent or add a detail to the place and boast the foundation and structure of your home.


  1. Lighting

Make sure that the house is well lit. Potential buyers would want to see and dining-room-1158266_1280inspect the house in a well-lit area. If the place is poor lit, the buyers would have a hard time inspecting the place and would affect their opinion of the home and transaction. Good lighting gives a warm and cozy ambiance, uplifts a person’s feelings and makes it more welcoming.


  1. Showcase the Important Rooms

kitchen-728727_640If for instance you have only enough budget to fix and stage a room or two, then showcase the area that matters most. Some Buyers would first look at the areas where they would likely stay often. These are:

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom


Bottom line is potential buyers would rather want to view and purchase a property that would be more inviting and that provides appeal to them the most. It’s best to showcase a place that they can call their own once they laid eyes on it.



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11 Staging Tips to Help You Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home – Marilyn Lewis

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