How to List and Sell Your Home in Austin Texas

I’ve blogged about tips on how to sell your home in “Staging Tips to Sell Homes Top Dollar” and in “7 Tips When Selling Your Own Home”, from there we’ve learned about factors that would determine how to sell your home efficiently and effectively. These factors covers the condition, price and location of the property. Taking all of these into consideration now it’s time to list it in order to sell your home particularly in Austin Texas. Why in Austin? Because this city has the most population in the US and still growing. Now here are some tips to guide you thru this process.

  1. Get a good Agent

Having a good agent gives you the freedom of a hassle free transaction. Listing agents in Austin will guide you to properly list your home and sell your home. real-estate-agents-1116779_1280

  • They will advise you of what and what-not in Real Estate transaction.
  • They are trained and professionals who knows the ins and outs when it comes to this industry. Listing agents can give you the right approach on how to list your home to make it appealing and things that needs to be repaired or change in order to satisfy a buyer.
  • They can provide you an estimate on the price and value of your home – since the market is steep and there’s a lot of competition. This could avoid over-pricing your home which tends to intimidate prospective buyers and selling your home at a lesser price which doesn’t give much value to your home.
  • Agents do research and comparative market analysis – they know how much a property cost in the whole neighborhood and can recommend you on how to get a better deal compare to other houses for sale in the area.
  • They will tell you the specific changes and repairs you need to do to not go over the budget. Don’t expect a fully renovated house to sell higher if the area or location you’re in is not generating a high revenue or income thru its local business or if the location is not near any school district, commercial or entertainment area. Your agent researched the location, the features and benefits of your home prior to suggesting you the estimated price that your property could get.


Agents will serve as your guiding post thru out the transaction and provides you a hassle free process.


  1. Do a Comparison

analysis-1010888_1280If you can’t afford to have an agent, do a comparison and analyze the data. Compare the value of your property to the value of the other property in the area. Research, there are a lot of online sites that could shows you value of a listed property in the area. From there you can estimate how much you can sell you property. As I’ve told many times the Price is a huge factor that buyers consider.

  • Most buyer has a specific budget allotted for purchasing a home. If it’s not within the budget and sees the property beside you sells for a cheaper price, they of course would move on to the next option.
  • If buyers are not satisfy with the amount you offer, your listing would sit there for a long time and this could affect the market value of your home big time. Potential buyers would wonder why no one has yet offered for your property – even if say, you’ve done well with the repairs and renovation but if the amount is not right then you will lose a lot of potential buyers.

Agents research and does comparative listing before they recommend an amount to their client so take this opportunity to learn the business by taking the first step in learning comparative market analysis.


  1. Fix it

women-740665_640If there’s a need for fixing then do it. Buyers want to get the best out of their money and a dilapidated house would not give you the right income nor the right buyers. Having a functional home would be a great asset and would be appealing to potential buyers. Think of it as you buying the place and it would really suck big time if the water, heating, electricity are not working. You yourself won’t buy it. Potential buyer would rethink if the amount of repairs will suffice to the amount of the purchase price if they have to spend more not they had already. So Fix it!

Bottom line is Austin is a big populated place and the competition in the Real Estate business is steep you have to list and Sell your home right the first time. Know the INS and OUT of the business. Hire the right people and fix the property in a way you that you yourself would buy it.





Source and Credits: — Thank You! —
Listing Your Home: How to Do It Right the First Time – Alison Shuman
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