The Life of a Real Estate Agent

As a Real Estate agent the competition is tough and aggressive. So in order to get leads and get ahead of everyone they follow a schedule, stick to it and make adjustments if necessary. Here’s a look on a day of a Real Estate Agent and how their life is.


  1. A Real Estate Agent start early.

In order to get ahead of everyone, they check the business and always keeps up to date on what’s happening in the industry. Having knowledge on what’s in trend and the rate of the market value helps them plot out their day and target prospective areas and clients to get leads and be in business.


  1. They Email, make phone calls and do all those administrative work.These allows them to complete the filling and submission of paperwork, coordinate appointments and showings, and create budget reports. Create and develop promotional materials and market ideas. Updating their websites, data base and social media accounts to update the public of what going on. Most of their desk jobs is done first thing in the morning. Why? Because banks and other offices conducts most of their transaction early.
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    Sad to say, most of these administrative work consume a lot of their time and keeps them from generating leads and putting in money. A good real estate agent knows what and how to prioritize their work, so they would often hires an assistant or a virtual assistant. This process allows them to delegate administrative task and use that as a leverage to focus on the market and generate leads and sale.


  1. Generate Leads
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The most important task of a real estate agent is to generate leads. Finding clients, buyers and sellers alike provides them the transactions they need to get an income and commission. No clients no pay.

Meeting with people, follow-up phone calls, emails, passing on business cards and coordinating with other business associates and social contacts allows them to broaden their influence and cultivate the camaraderie and partnership that is essential for their work. This brings potential clients and money to their pockets.


  1. Working with Clients
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When working with client real estate agents gives assurance and dedication to meet the client standards. Often than not they exceed these expectations which gives them the opportunity to gain more clients in the future due to social contacts and word of mouth.

 When working with a seller, agents provides good listing presentation, takes pictures or photographs of the listed property and prepare fliers and ads to market the property and sell them at a good price. They recommend property staging to appeal to potential buyers and conduct a slamming market that brings out the best value for the property.

 When working with a buyer, agents conducts research and filter out listings that will be appropriate to the client. They help out the buyers with all the process to make the transaction hassle free for them.

 Agents also do walk-through, showings, constant communication, accompany client thru inspections, meetings and all other transactions until closing. Their presence and constant communication between all parties is important throughout this process.


  1. Meetings

Real estate agents discuss about the progress of their work, financial reports and target. They often work under a team so constant meetings is important to know their standing and the company’s standing in the industry. This also allows them to plan for the future and make adjustments in order to move forward to succeed for their future endeavors.


So being a Real Estate agent is tough. With the meetings, administrative jobs, client contact and lead generation keeps them busy and moving. They have to be resourceful, creative, organize and must have great communication skills in order to get the job done.









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